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Choosing a Name for Baby B

Earlier in the week a girlfriend and I were talking about names and how hard it is to name your baby, even after researching top baby names from around the world, looking at name voyager,

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Letting Go

Since having number 3, Little Man has been very interested in how he arrived. He is by nature very interested in how things work and likes to take things apart and put them back together again. So, a baby coming out of Mum’s tummy was quite a fascination. Finally, based on all our conversations and teaching he tells me Continue reading “Letting Go”

Things I love

This week I love… Continue reading “Things I love”

Eyes Closed

I wrote this post a year ago as I was training Little Man to self settle and go to sleep by himself – we finally got there in Dec last year! … that is another story.

Stumbling across this unpublished post again today made me smile and reminded how little they are and how their personalities are evident from so very young. His big sister would never have tried such antics!

Putting Little Man to bed… Continue reading “Eyes Closed”

Things I love…

This week I love… Continue reading “Things I love…”

Things I love

Time for some more Things I love… Continue reading “Things I love”

The Spelling Bunny

Tonight as Mr B&S and I were talking I did something only parents do. It is not something I am ashamed of but it is something I remember use to drive me nuts!

As I didn’t want the kids to know what I was referring to, I spelt out a few words – didn’t you hate when your parents did that?! Well, it seems my days as a parent being able to do that maybe short-lived. Next thing we hear;

Miss M: Is that so  T -O -M doesn’t know?

Followed up by;

Miss M: That isn’t how you spell Thomas. It is Tom.

…Just in case we couldn’t spell!

The clever, little bunny has been practising her spelling on her favourite iPad game – Scribblenauts. Turns out she has learnt quite a lot! More than I sure realised!

School really can’t come soon enough!

PS In the photo you will notice she has commandeered Tom’s word cards to learn to spell the words for her game. A much better idea than constantly asking me.

Best Peanut Butter Cookies Ever!

For ages now I have been on the hunt for a good dairy free biscuit. I know you can make biscuits with Olivani (a dairy substitute) but they just aren’t the same. So, I was pretty excited when I found this recipe which is completely dairy and gluten free and is totally delicious.  Continue reading “Best Peanut Butter Cookies Ever!”

Little Man turns 2

It was his turn for a party and boy did he know it. He was super excited. As the big day got closer he was singing Happy Birthday and had mastered telling us he was going to have a “paaarteee” and “cake”. Continue reading “Little Man turns 2”

What to say…!?

A while ago my dear father shared with me, and others we were dining with that he thinks “Only self-important people blog”. And before you ask, yes he knew I had a blog and in fact we were discussing it, and that is where his comment came from.

He went on further to say he never read my blog and many other kind words (sic). I wasn’t upset by his comments but his comment about the type of people who blog really stayed with me. I questioned it often in my head. It played on and on and on in my mind for weeks. Am I one of them? – Self-Important? Continue reading “What to say…!?”

On a break

Easter Sunday didn’t quite go as planned. We had the best ever Egg Hunt in the morning and then after breakfast of non-chocolate goodness I broke my wrist. How Continue reading “On a break”

Miss M turns 4

The Party Scene

It was a tossup between Tigers and Pirates. Thankfully the Pirates won as I have no idea what I would have done, had she chosen a Tiger party Continue reading “Miss M turns 4”

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